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Stories from the front line: An interview with Terry Keane

Terry Keane

15 Oct 2023

60 min

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In this compelling interview, produced by Close the Gap Research (CtGR), we delve into the remarkable experiences of Terry Keane, who has spent a large part of his life managing community stores in over 20 Aboriginal communities throughout Australia.

Terry shares his unique perspective on life in these remote communities, offering honest observations through candid and captivating storytelling. His journey, punctuated with many poignant, emotional and entertaining moments, has provided him with a deep understanding of Indigenous culture, behaviour and daily life in these remote areas.

In this interview, Terry answers the following questions:

Learn more in Terry's book: God Bless the Outback

The stories in this book, are not intended to be a criticism of the way of life that the original inhabitants of this country live their lives. I have offered my opinions only, honestly and openly and from an observation point of view. This is my story….sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes frightening and at times controversial.

I’ve worked in many Aboriginal communities alongside our First Nation people over many years. It has at times been challenging but has provided me with an opportunity to learn about their culture and to have a much better understanding of life in these communities.

My story starts from my years as a cheeky kid to a young musician playing guitar in a rock band around South East Queensland and then to my adult life which has been eventful to say the least. So let’s start at the beginning…

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