Cheryl Waye


An interview with Cheryl Waye

Cheryl Waye

10 Jan 2024

8:46 min

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Cheryl Coulthard-Waye, a proud Adnyamathanha woman, shares her captivating life story in this video interview.

Born in the old Lee Creek Township in 1956, Cheryl reflects on her upbringing, growing up in the Adnyamathanha region, and the unique challenges faced by her generation. She provides a vivid account of her experiences, from the adventurous walks to school in the Outback to the transformative social changes following the 1967 referendum.

Cheryl also discusses pivotal moments like the Native Title era, which brought both progress and division within Aboriginal communities. She reflects on the impact of the Native Title legislation, shedding light on the challenges it posed, especially in maintaining traditional laws and customs. Cheryl's perspective provides a valuable historical context, showcasing the complexities faced by Aboriginal communities during this period of legal and social transformation.

We also delve into Cheryl's involvement with Operation Flinders, a unique program that empowers young adolescents through outdoor experiences. Cheryl passionately describes the program's impact on participants, emphasising the importance of cultural education, survival skills, and connecting with Aboriginal traditions.

This video interview offers a rich exploration of Cheryl Waye's personal journey and contributes valuable insights into the broader cultural landscape of Aboriginal Australia.

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